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If you’re looking for a joiner in Paisley with the skills and experience to tackle everything from floorboards to skirtings, doorways, windows, kitchens, custom furniture, restoration, storage, staircases, outdoor decking, fencing, lofts, partitions, dormers and more, look no further. Our Paisley joiners will deliver a stunning result at a fair price! Contact us to get a fast, free no-obligation estimate, or read more about some of the services we offer below.


The perfect kitchen not only looks the part, but is frictionless to use on a day to day basis. Things are laid out in a way that maximises your space, and takes into account the uniqueness of the space.

We can oversee the entire kitchen installation process, from initial design through to completion. Most of the work involved in fitting a kitchen is joinery, but we have trusted electricians and gas engineers we work with to come in and hook up the power at the end.

We can create a kitchen in almost any style, from classic to modern, and design custom pieces like islands, breakfast bars, and smart space saving carousel cabinets and drawers. We can also fully integrate appliances like fridges, cookers, dishwashers and more, for a seamless look.

From a revamp to a complete overhaul, we can help you give your kitchen a brand new lease of life and make it a room you love spending time in and are proud to show off! 

Flooring and Skirting

Spilling a cup of coffee will instantly ruin an expensive carpet, whereas a wooden or laminate floor can simply be wiped clean. Wooden flooring is a stylish, practical, hardwearing and hygienic choice that will last for years.

Installing any kind of wooden flooring requires experience, because there needs to be a gap between the edges of the floor and the walls to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of the wood during the seasons. 

Too little space, and you get popping or raised floorboards which are unsightly and can lead to floor damage. Too much space, and you’re left with visible gaps around the edges of your room, which trap dirt and look seriously unprofessional!

Our Paisley joiners are experts in installing and maintaining wooden floors. We can offer a range of options, from solid hardwood flooring to composite/engineered and laminate flooring. We can advise on options to suit any budget, and we source our flooring from trusted local providers.

Custom Storage

Perhaps you have a wasted area of space in your home that’s sitting doing nothing. Or perhaps you have an area like a shed, under stair cupboard or large cabinet which has become something of a ‘black hole’ for various objects.

Such spaces are often too small or irregular to fit a piece of off-the-shelf furniture. In that case, a custom storage solution could be exactly what you need.

We can help you maximise your storage and living space by making clever use of corners, alcoves, and those little spaces between or beneath things. We can get in to any space and turn it into an efficient customised storage area.

We enjoy coming up with unique solutions that look great and help you get organised. If you need a joiner in Paisley who can create a beautiful and functional storage space, look no further.

Doors and Architraves

Skirtings, doors and architraves are like a picture frame – features which are sometimes taken for granted, but play a large part in the overall appearance of the room.

As well as making a room look complete, skirting boards have a practical purpose – to protect the lower part of the wall from daily knocks, kicks and bashes that would otherwise damage paintwork and plaster. They are also there to hide the expansion gap of a properly laid wooden floor.

We can fit supply and fit new doors if, for example, you have created a new room with a partition or extension. We can source materials to match your home’s existing style, or give your home a new lease of life. Another common job we do all the time is planing doors, which is often required when doors have been improperly fitted or have expanded over the years due to moisture.

If you have any questions about your doors, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Garden Joinery

If your home has an outdoor space, we can help you make the most of it. From privacy enhancing fences and gates, wooden decks, canopy areas to create seating and shade in the summer, sheds, all the way to full garden rooms.

We expertly install wooden garden fixtures so that they’re strong, durable and built to last. We use only the best materials and preservatives so that you will be enjoying your garden furniture for years to come.

The benefit of getting an experienced joiner in Paisley for your garden is that your furniture can be custom built for your requirements. 


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